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Welcome to artboxar.com. Services we provide subject to the following conditions, if you visit or shop from our website, you’re agreeing to the terms & conditions.

* Please read them carefully *

When you visit our site, interacting with us through emails, comments etc you’re interacting with us visually. We are being connected electronically. Messages you sent to us are retained automatically so that we can recognise and give an instant follow up automatically instead of holding them in a moderation queue. You agree to all above information are legally satisfying?

Intellectual Property:
Artbox.com encourages to use the site for non-commercial personal use , this means re-using / re-posting / re-framing our contents along with the text, graphics, images , videos arrangements of the site etc are strictly prohibited . Our contents cannot be used for commercial purpose without our authorisation.
Users conducting fraudulent activities on the site are prohibited.
We reserve the right to refuse / cease any services to anyone for any reason at any time .
By agreeing to this terms of services, you are ensuring us not to exploit any services of our website, without our authorisation.

Informations given on the website might be subject to a change at any time without any notice, we reserve the right to modify any services, moreover we will not even take the liability of answering to any third- party for the modification. In absence of our sole negligence we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer by a third-party .
We cannot warrant that the accuracy of the artwork will meet your expectation, as slight variations in colors might be expected but we will try our level best to make it as accurate as possible and hopefully will meet your demand. We shall not be liable to you for any delay in the performance to any cause beyond our reasonable control.

Acceptance of your order:
Once the payment has been accepted, the order cannot be edited. Our respective buyers must have to provide all the necessary informations during the time of order. (Eg. Size of the paper or canvas, color textures, which type of colors will be used( for customised ones) etc.
We will confirm the receipt of your order to the email address you provided.